Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Growing Biz Kid's Inc. Distributing SAND GONE

I got a call from a gentleman named Dan Rooney the Vice President of Growing Kid Biz Inc. His school provides financial education to students ages 8-18. Growing Kid Biz Inc. gives students the tools necessary to succeed in to days global economy. Giving them the understanding of money and the economy in a hands -on learning environment, with real money- making experiences requiring children to plan and set goals to reach their truest desires.
A important part of there program involves teams of children conducting research to come up with a product that they can sell to raise money for their end of course party and the best of all the rest of the money goes to a charity they choose.
WOW! I was thinking what a great program. SAND GONE would love to be involved.
So I have five amazing young entrepreneurs selling SAND GONE.

The GBkidsYO Team






Good luck! I will keep you posted on how well the children are doing.

For more information about Growing Biz Kids, Inc

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