Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mommy Inventors, Made in the USA

                        10 “Must-Have” Products for Moms, all made in the USA!      

These 10 products are “must haves” for anyone with young children.  Invented by moms for moms, these products solve common parenting dilemmas and make like easier.  They are also all made in the USA by companies that are providing jobs and supporting our domestic economy.   

Bobee™ Diaper & Wipe Dispenser

Made in Colorado, USA - Award winning and patent pending, the Bobee Diaper & Wipe Dispenser is a wall-mounted diaper stacker & wipe dispenser. It organizes the nursery from clutter with a caddy that allows for one-handed access so a mom can keep one hand safely on their baby. Changing table space is freed up for other important baby items, and the diapers and wipes are up and out of the way from curious little hands. The dispenser comes white and is customizable with included colorful decals to decorate and match the nursery room decor.

Available at

Made in New Jersey, USA – Invented by two moms to stop flyaway beach umbrellas (and the injuries that can result from this), the Noblo is a simple to use beach umbrella anchor. Three easy steps: 1) Fill noblo with sand, 2) velcro to beach umbrella, and 3) relax at the beach. Noblo will take care of your beach umbrella.


Mommy Genius Drying Racks

Made in Indiana, USA - The original Mommy Genius Drying Rack was invented by stay-at-home mother of 3, Annie Pryor, because she wanted a convenient place in the kitchen to hang wet baby bibs up to dry between meals. This tall drying rack is also perfect for dish towels, washcloths, food storage bags, rubber gloves, icing bags, mugs, mittens, and children's boots. Then, in 2013, Annie developed a second, shorter drying rack that is ideal for sports water bottles, Soda Stream bottles, and baby bottles. In addition to bottles, this new drying rack is also perfect for food storage bags, towels, washcloths, and so much more. Judging by her inventions, it is obvious that Annie spends a lot of time at the kitchen sink doing dishes.


The Quick Split®

The Quick Split® is a portable food cutter with a cover for baby and toddler feeding, allowing you to instantly cut your kids’ food into safe, bite size pieces when you are out to eat, no matter where you are or what they’re eating!

The Quick Split® easily cuts all of your kids' faves including pizza, quesadillas, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, pb&j, spaghetti, pancakes, waffles and more!

Simply cut your kids’ food, snap the child proof cover back on (without cleaning off the wheel), and toss it in your diaper bag or purse where the mess will stay contained until you throw it in the dishwasher when you get home – easy peasy!


ThrifTee Gear Reusable LunchBags from Upcycled T-shirts

Made in North Carolina, USA – ThrifTee Gear LunchBags are fully lined, water repellant, food safe lunchbags. The exterior of the bag is created from an upcycled t-shirt of the customers choosing providing a limitless canvas of personal expression. This mom-owned business began when this mom set out to find a reusable lunchbag her own children would agree to take to school after reaching the age of the inevitable lunchbox backlash. ThrifTee Gear provides a cool, reusable lunchbag option that doesn’t mind disappearing into the backpack after lunch. Created with the young adult in mind ThrifTee Gear offers two styles of bag The Original LunchBag $19.95 and the BackPack LunchBag$25.95 as well as Custom Bags created from the customers own special t-shirt. ThrifTee Gear is a new voice in the cafeteria, speak out!

$19.995 - $25.95

Le bibble

Dribble, meet Le bibble®. Designed by a mom fed up with messy feedings, Le bibble® is a 6-in-1 organic and designer cotton baby bottle bib that sops up leaks & dribbles – while keeping baby focused on feeding! Available in over 20 bold and bright prints, each with an organic underlay for wiping dribble, Le bibble® takes bottle feeding to a new level. Perfect for the mom on the go! Proudly made in North Carolina. Patent Pending.
Le bibble:
·         Absorbs bottle leaks
·         Catches dribble before hitting baby’s tender skin
·         Keeps baby focused on feeding
·         Identifies bottle in use
·         Helps baby learn to hold and maneuver bottle
·         Turns baby bottle into chic fashion accessory

$9.95 / $27 for a set of 3
Available at

Parking Pal Magnet

The Parking Pal is an inexpensive, fun product to keep kids safe when they are near cars or in parking lots.  It's a magnet with colorful designs that stick to your vehicle. Kids are entertained and taught responsibility at the same time. It can be frustrating and stressful to take young children along to do basic tasks such as going to the store because of the danger in parking lots. Sometimes we need just a few seconds to unlock the door or get the baby in. The Parking Pal is a simple, affordable solution to keep kids safe and right next to your car in a parking lot.  


SmartSeat Chair Protector
Made in the USA – The SmartSeat Chair Protector is a waterproof, stain resistant, and machine washable seat cover for upholstered dining room and kitchen chairs.  It protects like a vinyl seat cover, but is made from soft, comfortable, and toxin-free fabric.  The SmartSeat’s patented design has adjustable straps that provide for easy on/off and a snug fit on most sizes and styles of chairs. SmartSeats provide discreet protection from stains, spills, and everyday wear and tear and are perfect for families with young children, for those caring for an elder parent or relative, or for anyone who simply wishes to keep their chair upholstery clean.
From $17.99 - $19.99.
Available at

Sand Gone

Made in Satellite Beach Florida, USA – Sand Gone Sand Remove is a dry powder that when applied to sandy parts of your body removes the sand leaving your skin soft and smooth. Sand Gone comes in a 8 oz container with a powder puff for easy application, all natural ingredients with a coconut fragrance giving you that beachy smell. Sand Gone works on both wet and dry sand. It's like a dry shower in a jar. Makes clean up easy when leaving the beach or after playing in sand box.


Baby Elephant Ears, Inc.

Made in Wisconsin, USA – Baby Elephant Ears are unparalleled in style and function, a multi-use headrest providing spinal/neck alignment and comfort - offered in diverse prints and organics, ethically manufactured and made with sustainable materials. 
Chiropractor-inspired and mom-designed, Baby Elephant Ears can go wherever baby goes - stroller, swing, carseat, changing table, wherever and whenever support is needed. Baby Elephant Ears is fully washable and requires no attachments, straps or special skills - just simple, loving use. 

$21.95 – 29.95
Available at

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Having just returned from a tropical vacation ourselves, we can attest that nothing beats the scent of island air, palm trees swaying in the breeze, sun-kissed skin and the feeling of silky sand between your toes.  However, after leaving the beach, most of us prefer that the sand stay behind – where it belongs! All this summer vacation talk has me reminiscing about my childhood and thinking about, well…the dirty side of sand!
 On a beach or in your toes
sand is fun, but not on clothes!
In a park, or at the shore,
removing sand can be a chore!
I am Sand,
That Sand-I-am.
I like your home and your fam.
But, you prefer to keep me far,
not on your skin, nor in your car!
O.k., enough of my channeling Dr. Seuss – you get the picture!  Since we’ve raised the bar on our summer sweepstakes series, we wanted to introduce you a unique product for your summer sand challenges! SAND GONE: A must for Beachgoers®, is a dry body powder that, when applied to sand covered skin, removes the sand and leaves the skin soft and smooth while feeling fresh and clean. Sand Gone comes in an attractive eight ounce jar with a screw-able lid. Within the jar is a microfiber applicator. It is extremely soft, but also durable. It can be cleaned by household washers and dryers when necessary. The applicator also has a strap across it to help secure it to the user’s hand as the powder is applied.
The dry, white powder is both non-toxic and non-talc. It also contains a hint of coconut for a tropical scent derived from essential oils that are 100% pure and natural, of therapeutic grade and free from any chemicals or pesticides. Sand Gone is best used when cleaning up while leaving the beach. However, Sand Gone works perfectly well when cleaning up after the sand box, playground or wherever one encounters sand. It is like having a “dry shower” from a jar! In addition to removing the sand, Sand Gone also removes the salt from your skin after a day at the beach. No more uncomfortable “scratchy feeling” under clothing during the drive home. After using Sand Gone, you will quickly find that it becomes one of those must-haves at the beach, sandlot or park. You’ll now be equipped to pack your sunblock, towel, shades…and your jar of SAND GONE.
Not one…but two of our lucky readers will WIN (3) beautiful Sand Gone Beach Bags (ARV $156.00)!  Each winner can keep one for themselves and share or gift the others with friends, family members or loved ones –or- enjoy them all to yourself!  You will looove the gorgeous bag (which can be reused as small beach tote or gift bag), premium handmade almond coconut soap (which smells divine) and two sizes of Sand Gone for home and travel; an 8 oz. Family size Sand Gone + a 2 oz. individual size (ARV $156.00)! 

How to Enter:

For every action below that you complete, you receive a specific number of entries.  Click each individual action to enter yourself. For actions you have done in the past (i.e. you are already a fan of Sand Gone or RonandLisaTheHealthyHomeDreamTeam on Facebook) just click directly on ‘I did this’. The eligibility of the winner will be verified by The Healthy Home Dream Team®.
There is no mandatory entry. Each action will earn different numbers of entries into the contest. You may Tweet or share on Pinterest, Google+ or your Facebook wall for an entry once per day. All other actions will only be counted once. After completing any entry below, look for the blue ‘SHARE THIS’ text at the top of the widget that will give you options to share with your friends. For each friend that enters the giveaway, you will receive +1 entry into the giveaway. You can refer up to 10 people and earn 10 more entry points! You must be 18 or older with a U.S. or Canadian address to win. Contest ends 6/8/13 at 12:01am ET. Clickhere for complete terms and conditions.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


 Even the biggest beach bum can't argue that sand ends up in the most uncomfortable places. Not to mention after a long day in the sun, it can be frustrating to try to clean it off everyone and everything before getting into the car. But because a beach without sand, well, isn't really a beach, it's pretty much unavoidable. Not to mention it's what kids love most about it (sand castles, burying each other, playing Frisbee). So if you're going to spend a day there, you're going to have to face it head on, not bury your head in it.

To get the sand off you and your kids there is Sand Gone Sand Remover. Sand Gone this amazing dry powder when applied to sandy parts of your body removes the sand leaving your skin soft and smooth.  A Must for Beachgoers!!! All natural ingredients with a hint of coconut fragrance.

Sand Gone comes in a 8oz container with a soft powder puff to apply to skin. You can order Sand Gone at  12.95 + shipping.